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Monthly Archives: September 2011

A Cheap (and delicious) Recovery Drink

Last summer was great. I held a good paying job (for someone who is in college), I got to experience living in a new area, and I started P90x. I even managed to finish it! It was the the mere ‘Lean’ routine, but hey, I’m impressed with myself.

Of course, when you’re in an intense fitness routine, you need supplements, or at least a recovery drink. This is so the workout doesn’t live you feeling half-dead the following day (as is my experience). BeachBody suggests buying all of there stuff, but it gets expensive for someone who’s saving all of his money for the sole purpose of paying off student loans.

After doing some research / experimenting, I have found that simply mixing half milk*, half orange Gatorade, and a scoop of Chocolate Soy Protein Isolate will result in a surprisingly tasty beverage.  All of these ingredients combined will give you all you need in a recovery drink.

As for finding something that would be an alternative to a $20 pound of soy protein isolate, I haven’t.  I suppose one could get crazy with a blender, peanut butter, and fruit, but  now I’m merely speculating.

Let me know what you think.

*Soy milk in my case. I find the almond milk, while being delicious, does not mix at all with the soy protein isolate.