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Dinner on a Budget: Lamb

The Marinade

Making my weekly Wegmans visit, I stumbled upon some lamb chops. Never having tried lamb, as well observing the heavily discounted price, I threw them into my basket and moved on. I had no idea how to actually prepare it, but my recently acquired cast iron skillet has given me the mentality that I can make anything delicious. And delicious this lamb was. It was different from any meat I have ever had and took a little getting used to.

Here’s what I did: Take a lamb chop and smear honey all over it. Proceed to place it in a freezer bag and add a healthy amount of mint sauce (I used store bought). You may want to add a few small cuts to the chop to let everything soak in better. Once that’s done, seal the bag, throw it in the fridge, and forget about it for the rest of the day.

Lamb soaking in Mint Sauce

Once the earth makes a full rotation, pull out the lamb. I used my cast iron skillet, threw some oil, and set the burner to Medium. While you’re at it, preheat your stove to 350F. While the skillet is heating, take the opportunity to smear some more honey onto the lamb. Now, dump the contents onto the skillet. Brown it, cooking it on each side for a few minutes. Once you accomplish this, take the skillet and put it in the oven. Now wait for what seems to be an eternity. I set my kitchen timer to 20 minutes, flipping it every time the timer went off.

I believe it took close to an hour to actually cook it all the way. This was delicious, though I’m fairly certain there’s an easier way to go about this. I say this because cleaning the skillet was a pain in the arse. That said, I believe this is a simple method to make a delicious meal. Now I just have to wait for lamb to go on sale again.


A Cheap (and delicious) Recovery Drink

Last summer was great. I held a good paying job (for someone who is in college), I got to experience living in a new area, and I started P90x. I even managed to finish it! It was the the mere ‘Lean’ routine, but hey, I’m impressed with myself.

Of course, when you’re in an intense fitness routine, you need supplements, or at least a recovery drink. This is so the workout doesn’t live you feeling half-dead the following day (as is my experience). BeachBody suggests buying all of there stuff, but it gets expensive for someone who’s saving all of his money for the sole purpose of paying off student loans.

After doing some research / experimenting, I have found that simply mixing half milk*, half orange Gatorade, and a scoop of Chocolate Soy Protein Isolate will result in a surprisingly tasty beverage.  All of these ingredients combined will give you all you need in a recovery drink.

As for finding something that would be an alternative to a $20 pound of soy protein isolate, I haven’t.  I suppose one could get crazy with a blender, peanut butter, and fruit, but  now I’m merely speculating.

Let me know what you think.

*Soy milk in my case. I find the almond milk, while being delicious, does not mix at all with the soy protein isolate.